Tropical Velvet Releases

Tropical Velvet has been releasing tracks of the highest order since establishing ourselves on the scene, with fresh, cool cutting edge, quality House. Working with some of the best up & coming established artists.

Established by label owner Ben Webb (KORT) 2014

TV099 – Stewart Birch – Foolish Heart EP

Stewart Birch returns to the label with an edgy, standout EP. ‘Foolish Heart’ is a frenetic minimal drum-based workout with a hauntingly repetitive vocal hook, while ‘borderline’ explores the darker side of disco with twisted funk vibes, reversed samples and atmospheric reverbed hits. Don’t miss.

TV097 – Kris King – Love You (Feel You)

Tropical Velvet is pleased to welcome Kris King to the label who delivers a delicious slice of infectiously upbeat disco-house. Sunshine vibes abound with luscious strings, funky guitars, horns and a catchy vocal, embedded within driving beats and live bass – an essential soundtrack for the Summer.

TV096 – Tommy Glasses – With You

Tropical Velvet is pleased to welcome Tommy Glasses to the label who delivers a delicious slice of minimal funk-house. Driving beats and bass underpin an insistent vocal hook, masterfully interspersed with funky guitar & organ licks; brass stabs completing the sonic landscape of this atmospheric lockdown essential.

TV095 – Stewart Birch – Is Anybody Out There EP

Stewart Birch returns to the label after his appearance on the Miami 2020 compilation with a strong and distinctive debut EP. ‘Is Anybody Out There’ channels 80s funk vibes while ‘Locked In Love’ takes a more soulful piano-driven approach. ‘So Different’ brings the party to a close in true disco-funk style with swirling guitar licks, horn stabs, a great vocal arrangement and a killer bassline. Don’t miss this one.

TV093 – Nude Sound System – Everything’s Gonna Be OK

Tropical Velvet is pleased to welcome Nude Sound System to the label who debut with a standout single. DJ Rob Green rocks an 80’s disco bassline & funky beats, punctuated with syn-drums & string stabs culminating in a ‘summer of love’ effusive piano breakdown. KeX/1 takes a more linear early Detroit approach, delivering a dubbed-out disco-funk extravaganza in perfect compliment. Essential lockdown vibes.


Following the Miami 2020 album taster, Tropical Velvet is pleased to welcome MOOVERS2GROOVERS to the label for their debut single ‘Bambu Whip’. Funky beats, a solid bassline and swirling disco guitars underpin a catchy vocal hook to create a sunshine-drenched must-have for virtual clubbers and live-stream lockdown sets.

TV090 – Various Artists – Tropical Velvet Miami 2020

Tropical Velvet proudly presents a must-have scorchin’ selection of fresh and familiar tracks to celebrate WMC 2020, including an exclusive new KORT mix; showcasing some of our existing roster and welcoming new talent to the label. Drenched in the spirit of South Beach, this is a Miami essential.

TV087 – KORT, Holly Petrie – Let It Fall (Full Intention Remix)

Tropical Velvet is pleased to welcome Full Intention back to the label who deliver a blistering remix of ‘Let it Fall’. Funky bass, disco strings, guitar licks and Rhodes surf pumping beats in combination with a fresh arrangement of Holly’s vocal, to create a slice of ‘Philly-flavoured House that’ll get the dancefloor heaving – don’t miss out.

TV085 – Antton – Stretch Me Out

Tropical Velvet is pleased to welcome Antton to the label who delivers a sunshine laden slice of ‘Philly-soul. Solid poolside beats underpin the summer-funk vibes, evoking memories of dreamy island sunsets that keep Autumn at bay. Don’t miss.

TV084 – KORT, Holly Petrie – Let It Fall

KORT returns with Hollie Petrie who makes a welcome label debut delivering a tightly focused, uplifting and expansive vocal over a funk-house, percussion- laden stomper. The party’s in full effect with phat bass, solid beats, horns and slick guitar licks that’ll keep things bubbling into the small hours..don’t miss.

TV083 – Tommy Boccuto – Caribe (Vocal Mix)

Tropical velvet is pleased to welcome Tommy Boccuto to the label for his debut single taking us on a journey to the savanna with frenzied percussive beats, an insistent piano hook, afro-brass and tribal chants, to deliver a summer peak-time scorcher sending heatwaves across the dancefloor. A summer essential.

TV081 – KORT, Nats Rochelle – Don’t Be Shy

KORT is back, presenting a summer feast of live funk. The ‘Disco Get Up’ mix is a sunshine-drenched helping of Philly’ disco-soul laden with live bass, strings, pianos and horns, perfectly complementing Rochelle’s soulful vocal. The ‘Downtown funk’ shoots from the hip, unleashing low-down dirty funkster vibes that’ll keep the dancefloor satisfied ’till the early hours… unmissable!

TV079 – CN Williams – Tonight’s The Night

Tropical velvet is pleased to welcome CN Williams to the label who delivers a vibe-laden slice of disco sunshine. Solid beats underpin funky guitars, filtering in to herald an infectious vocal while subtle strings and swirling synths provide the icing on the cake. Summer is just around the corner and tonight’s the night.

TV078 – Ladies On Mars – Hold On

Tropical velvet is pleased to welcome Ladies On Mars to the label who delivers a delightful slice of minimalist disco. A teasingly stripped-down intro makes way for a devastatingly propulsive bassline, the hooks filtering in a masterclass of arrangement that drives the funk right out of the speakers and on to the dancefloor.

TV077 – KORT, FameNotMoney – Ready For Lovin

KORT is back, teaming up with FaMEnotMoney to deliver a stompin’ slice of disco-funk delight. Ticking all the boxes with a sunny vocal hook, string stabs, horns, percussion breaks and an infectious bassline, this sure-fire party starter is a perfect compliment to the May Sunshine. Go spread the love.

TV071 – KORT, Phil Castle – Call My Name

KORT kicks off the year in style, teaming up with Phil Castle to deliver a cool slice of winter sunshine. Live percussion, a haunting synth and strings build to a funky drop of live bass, liquid guitars and horns. A vibey, Philly vocal sunrise completes the picture as the track bursts into life; always in the mood, to grace radio and dancefloor and chase away those February blues.

TV069 – Full Intention – How Long (KORT Remix)

Tropical velvet is ending 2018 in style by welcoming back Full Intention in the guise of a brand-new remix of ‘How Long’ courtesy of label boss KORT. Excitement from the off, as an insistent beat and disco strings build into a Pearl and Dean style break before a killer funky bass drop really gets the party started. Disco guitars, & an emotive piano break complement Thea’s vocal before the arrangement peaks in a disco-funk maelstrom. One to see in the new year with- don’t miss out.

TV068 – Carl Hanaghan, Inaya Day – Let The Music

Tropical velvet is delighted to welcome Carl Hanaghan and legendary talent Inaya Day to the label, who deliver an uplifting slice of vocal disco delight to elevate the spirits. A funky bassline, solid beats, guitar lick and insistent string hook showcase Inaya’s distinctive powerfully soulful vocal – an irresistible combination for dancefloor and radio.

TV067 – KORT – The Heat

KORT returns, turning up the heat with this slice of carnival disco mayhem in full party mode. Tropical horns ride an insistent bass replete with percussion ensemble, synth swirls and funk guitars, evoking the exotic flavours of Rio with this essential weekend weapon.

TV066 – Din Jay – When The Sun Goes Down

Tropical Velvet is pleased to welcome Din Jay to the label who debuts with an accomplished slice of soulful Summer funk. Drenched in pool-side vibes, ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ is arranged around a warm, hooky vocal supported by an impressive array of instrumentation including live bass, guitars, strings synths and brass, ‘on a mission’ to deliver a stand-out musical experience. An absolute essential to end the season.

TV065 – KORT – Together We Dance

KORT returns to the label with a Summer disco-funk explosion in full-on party mode. With live bass, string sweeps, swirling synths, horns, guitar licks, keys, percussion and a sunshine-drenched vocal hook, the heat is on…

TV064 – Fabio Tosti – Saxo Jet

Tropical Velvet is pleased to welcome Fabio Tosti to the label who delivers an exuberant summer carnival outing featuring steel drums, lively percussion breaks, swirling synths and a jet-power sax solo courtesy of Mr. Frank. The Under Dub completes this must-have package, pushing drums and organ to the fore and filtering the steel drums for those more intense psychedelic dancefloor moments.

TV063 – KORT, Sejal – Here & Now

KORT returns to the label with a true celebration of live music. A summer funk explosion of horns, guitars strings and bass herald Sejal’s uplifting vocal, building the disco pressure into an uplifting breakdown and onto a finale of accomplished hedonistic festivity that’ll leave you wanting more. The Dub mix is a kick-heavier dancefloor arrangement pushing the party vibe, while Angelo Ferreri takes a sparser approach constructing his remix around a filtered synth-hook over which he floats segments of the vocal and punctuates with horn and string stabs to great effect. A great package, perfect for those sunshine days and long disco nights..

TV062 – Madji’k – My Love

Tropical Velvet is pleased to welcome Madji’k to the label who delivers a slice of soulful disco summer. The Original highlights the vocal with wonderfully fluid live bass and pianos, while the NuDisco Mix echoes 80’s dancefloors with its stripped-back bassline-driven approach. The Brazil Mix is a percussion-led soulful outing featuring subtle guitars and latin rhythms, completing this accomplished and essential label debut.

TV061 – KORT – The Truth (KORT’s Carnival Sunglasses Mix)

KORT returns to the label in style with this carnival disco epic. The Summer party flavas are unleashed with percussion-enhanced beats and steel drums, overlaid with killer filtered-funk horns, guitars and Clavs and underpinned by a well-crafted bassline. An upliftingly positive vocal hook completes this sunshine-drenched celebration of disco-funk truth. An essential for the upcoming season.

TV060 – Mirko & Meex – Get Down

Tropical Velvet is pleased to welcome Mirko & Meex to the label who bring out the sunshine with this funky nugget of summer house. Solid beats frame sparse funk guitars and classic piano hooks, underpinned by a wonderfully fluid bassline to deliver a sure-fire floor-filler that’ll get under your skin & leave you wanting more.

TV059 – David Penn, Lisa Millett – Join Us (KORT Remix)

Building on the success of the recently released Full Intention remix, KORT steps up to the plate with a characteristically chunky and percussive rendition. A Phat rolling bassline underpins Lisa Millet’s exuberantly soulful vocal in an uplifting arrangement balanced by subtle, shimmering strings; an accomplished and essential take on this timeless classic.

TV058 – KORT, Lorenzo Hall – The Light (Remixes)

Tropical Velvet is pleased to welcome New York’s Alias Rhythm to the label who remixes last year’s iconic release from KORT and Lorenzo Hall, ‘The Light’. Taking things deep with tightly defined Kick, pulsing Bass and crisp hats this remix delivers atmosphere and tension, framing the vocal with sparse and thoughtful synth-work. SAMO makes a welcome return to the label taking the track in a future-funk dub direction, in perfect compliment. A spring essential.

TV056 – David Penn, Lisa Millett – Join Us (Full Intention Remix)

Tropical Velvet is pleased to welcome Grammy nominees Full Intention to the label who ‘Join Us’ with a slammingly funky remix of the David Penn & Lisa Millett classic. Sharp percussive beats underpinned by funk-fueled bass & sliced guitar deliver a wonderfully fresh uplifting new take on this great vocal; a welcome taste of Summer sunshine, not to be missed.