FaMEnotMoney (AKA Rico Novo) is one of Tropical Velvet’s ‘In House’ resident DJ’s who has stamped his unique House Music flavours across London for over two decades , morphing the sound ahead of the music trend; hisLatin roots ever – present, injecting an energy and funk that creates a unique balance of electronic and organic house music.

Sharing the stage with some of the biggest legends in house and having had the pleasure to perform at some of London’s most legendary clubs has helped shape FaMEnotMoney’s Style. When asked what influenced him the most … ‘‘I grew up in an ethincally versatile melting pot in London with strong influences from African and West Indian musical peers, and was exposed to Dub Reggae, Rare Groove and Funk which has stayed with me to today; those fundamental sounds shape a lot of what I play and how I mix, especially the dub reggae mixologists who had the biggest influence on my mixing style.”