Roberto Lopez

Italy // Trani



Roberto Lopez aka Dual Beat

Roberto Lopez was born in Barletta (Italy) on 26/04/1993.

Fascinated since childhood by synthesizers and the world of the night, Roberto decided, at the tender age of 15, to take the road of the DJ and Producer.  Roberto immediately began to make his way through the various genres showing great refinement in sound and a wide musical culture, ranging from Deep House, Tech House & House.

At the age of 17 years he meets & his mentor and now a great friend Antony Fennel, renowned international producer, who teaches him the art of production, and further refines his musical research, collaborating with CONKRETE DIGITAL MUSIC (Paul Gardner & Roland Bartha), CULT NOTES (Walterino), MUSIC PLAN (Fabio Tosti), Digital Imprint Trax (UnderdeepInc.), LATIN LOVERS (Gregor Salto) and many others.

In August 2014, the breakthrough finally arrives in the shape of a musical project, born within his friendship with Antony Fennel as a collaboration by the name of DUAL BEAT;  the project focused on a more elegant and sophisticated global sound.  Proud of this new project and achievement, Roberto continues to work every day in his studio: the road will be long, but the desire to hone his talent and his love of  music will no-doubt reap results.



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